Redalnds Beaumont Stage 1

Team U25 Devo powered by Quaker Oats and Peanut Butter rolled out of bed today just in time to make the start of Redlands stage 1 road race, the "Beaumont Road Race." Things started out real chill for the first lap, where we previewed the KOM for the next 4 laps to come.

Quickly life progressed to hardness, as bike races always do. Lap two ramped it up a bit, and I rolled with a few breaks and attacks as everyone in the field was anxious to make the break. Over the second KOM, things got really strung out and a split happened, with Sheldon and I making it over the top in the first split. A break rolled right after the KOM, complete with two time world TT champion Santiago Botero. There was a chance to bridge to the break on the downhill, but I missed my opportunity. So that was that, and the break of 6 rolled up the road to gain several minutes on the field.

Laps 3 and 4 were steady and hard at times, as the field gradually slimmed down to 100 riders. On the last lap, I suddenly realized that there were only a couple of amateurs left in the field. Whoops, things are about to get tough! The last lap I felt pretty terrible on the climb while Heath Net and Slipstream chased. I popped at the top of the first climb before the KOM, where a grupetto formed and I rolled in a couple minutes down on the lead pack.

Phil and Sheldon managed to chase on after the last KOM and make the front pack.

More action tomorrow,


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