North End Clasic Crit

Yuma so far is my favorite city in Arizona. It's the Gary Indiana of the Southwest. But there's a bike race here, so it's racin' time.

Tonight was a very good 60 minute crit in downtown Yuma. There was a decent hill each lap on the finishing straight, 10 corners, high speeds, and single-lane roads. I got to the front of the race at the start and stayed there for the first 30 minutes of the race, trying to keep Curtis Gunn's rear wheel on the preem laps. I managed to snag 2nd place in both of the intermediate sprints to get omnium points for the weekend. Surprisingly, the legs were good. I tried to use them well in the last 15 minutes by keeping on each breakaway attempt....but in the end, I didn't take the right wheel on the last lap and ended up 7th.

Hope for a windy road race tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful town, it's certainly not what you think of as Arizona!