In Belize...

Riding for Team Santinos / Red Bull, I'm down in Belize right now with my teammate Gavi Epstein from Sakonnet. Belize is quite the country, despite the poor economy. People here are crazy about bike racing! It's a relatively unknown country, but in the next couple of years it will be well known to tourists as it expands it's global market.

Tomorrow we will race for 250 km from Belize City on the eastern coast of Belize, all the way to the Guatemalan border, and back. Our goal is to help the native Belizian riders on the team to win the race.

More tomorrow,



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ryan. You rode one hell of a race. As a Belizean, I always hope to see a Belizean win our annual Cross Country Race, however, having said that, you really worked hard and deserved that big win. I'm sure this will not be the last I will hear of you. Good luck in your cycling future.


Reuben Martinez said...

congrats on your win Ryan, that is not an easy race to win yet shatter the record.Remember this Belize take their cycling serious, a lot of belizean cyclist would give their left leg to get their name in the histroy books of Belize.
good job.