Scottsdale crit

There was a slick 1 hour criterium just 1 mile down the road from our place in Scottsdale today. Which works out nicely for the whole riding to and from the races thing.

My main comment--Arizona crits are much more chill than the midwest. Don't get me wrong, these guys are fast. But it's more fitness fast than aggressive, bumper to bumper, in the gutter on every corner fast. That being said, I still missed the breakaway. I saw Sheldon Denny make the bridge about 35 minutes into the race, and I watched it go. Hopefully I stop being stupid sometime soon and win a race--but that's what the early season is all about I guess. Anyways, 4 dudes were up the road and it was a field sprint for 5th. I got in decent position and managed to survive Cole's attack into the last 2 corners and come around some dudes for 8th overall.

Time for some more big rides to get ready for Valley of the Sun next weekend.


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