Tortilla Flats is the Mexican name for hills

I dragged Cole and Greg out for a ride today...not like we have too much else to do, but for some reason, it's still difficult.

I was berated for suggesting we drive a half hour to a new riding spot. Turns out it was pretty kick ass. Here's the scoop:

Another crazy group ride.

The scenery was nice, but there were hills...Tortilla FLATS, c'mon.

I wonder how much money is on this wall....

Cole indulged in a healthy bull burger and fries as a part of the P-R-O diet.

Greg participated in the "mexican nacho eating" contest. He was the only contestant.


A minor price to pay for 2 lbs of extra weight.

We just pulled wheelies the rest of the ride to burn off the food anyway.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you eat anything? Beautiful place, how far did you ride?

Matt said...

That ride is even better if you keep going once the road turns to dirt at the tourist trap place.

Sarah Lukas said...

mmmm mexican.