Horribly Hilly

The route.

Fresh and I managed 175km of the Horribly Hilly Hundreds ride today before darkness ensued promptly at 4:15pm. The sun never did shine and the temperature never did break 47 degrees, but it was a nice jaunt this weekend after taking some time easy the past couple of weeks.

The best hill in Blue Mounds--Not mounds park road, no! Pinincal road is where it's at, about 1 mile north of the intersection of K and mounds park road.

I'm trying to find out where the Sakonnet training camp is this January...but I still have no idea! All I know is it will be warm and far away from the snow and 8 hours of daylight in the midwest.

Until next time,



Kyle j said...

I try to keep all of my rides to less then 1.5 hours with a solid rest stop in there somewhere.... you should give it a shot...

Ryan Baumann said...

I try to keep my trail runs under 20 hours too, ala Garrett Peltonen.

My defense--It was Steve's idea.