AZ in the future?

It's time to start training again--the whole "I ride my bicycle...a lot" thing.

I know how a lot of the big midwest'ers have already started to get'er on in November, but I remembered how starting to train in November last year left me feeling tired by May. Who wants that, when all the good stuff is in June - August anyway?

The National Team is not in the cards at the begining of next season. I requested to go over in the spring to Belgium, but that didn't turn out. After the spring, I'm committed to stage racing with Sakonnet in the US over on the East Coast. So that's that. No dice.

However--a place to stay in Arizona this spring seems to be working out well. A friend of mine recently bought a house in Scottsdale...and has some extra bedrooms for rent. It looks like Cole and I may be headed down there for the spring months for some training and racing. I can take some of my classes online next semester, so I can still stay enrolled in school at the same time.

In the meantime, it's time for a nice cold ride!

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