The end of cross, apple cider, and Sakonnet

After my embarrassing stint in cross' the past weekend, I've decided my cross season is over. Here's to another great season on cross--one weekend of hell:

Here I demonstrate how to dismount 10 meters in front of a barrier to ensure no crashing.

A chance here to corner maybe--juuuussstttt maybe--without crashing.

Congrats again to Freshie Steven Scholzen for taking the win down at the Cam Rock race. His first cross race of the season I may add.

110 miles of apple cider goodness was delivered on the seats of our bicycles with the UW team today. It was a glorious day for a bicycle ride, made even better by the number of new riders who braved the long ride. As Warren said on the cider ride, "It's not the weather that makes a good ride, it's the company." Well said Warren.

After much thought...and a lot of time...I've finally signed with my 2008 team. For the 2008 season I'm going to be riding with an east coast team, based out of New York, called Sakonnet Technologies. I'm throughly excited about the program and my future teammates.

I want to thank all the awesome guys on ABD this past year for all the support and success we've achieved in such a short time. Carter, Jeff, Ebert, Alex, Bret, and everyone else--it was awesome. Best of luck to everyone in the 08 season.

See you on the road--



Seth said...

Hey, man. Congrats on the new squad! Sakonnet kicks major ass—way to get some more midwest representation on that team!

In TT news, I've set up a nice, little 5-mile stretch I'm thinking about doing a weekly effort on. It's long enough that I'm hoping I can try some different things out and see the effects, but short enough so that I don't think doing a weekly five-miler will be too hard on the body (not starting now, of course, but maybe in late Nov. or something). Think that's a good call? I'd appreciate your input.


kyle said...