The legends

1) Eric Bean

The one and only Ironman slamming, road racing, time trialing, 10k running, swimming champion in the entire city of Madison.

2) GDVC's John ?

Met him on a ride today, and I assure you he is certifiably more insane than me or Fresh combined. Want to take a detour on a gravel road for an hour and a half to see this cool tunnel? Follow me. Oh, and don't bother with that water thing either, you need to train your hydration on 6 hour rides.

3) Phil Gaimon

The sole am. rider to finish the Univest Grand Prix for the Sakonnet team. Impressive.


Anonymous said...

I think you forgot Cole House.

Ryan Baumann said...

Mr. House gets on the legends list with a win at Chequamegon, no more no less.

Phil Gaimon said...

I'm a legend. Thanks dude.