Ouch, TT practice

Despite working on my time trial skills here the past two weeks, the shear pain of TT'ing never goes away! I kind of like that pain (especially when the effort is over), but still, it pretty much is the worst feeling ever when you pace incorrectly and end up digging real deep to get a decent time.

That was today--I hit up the Thursday Night time trial in Paoli on CR PD. It's pretty flat, with one or two small rollers, and a mild headwind on the way back. Distance 16.4 km. I felt really baller on the way out, and the speed and power were coming so nicely--but then reality sunk in at the turn around and I realized this was going to hurt. Somehow, by turning over a big gear and standing up often, I managed to salvage a decent average power and speed. But I was pretty worried there. It was one of those times to dig nice and deep. AP on the way out=400 watts, AP way back=375 watts. Time was 21:45 with an average speed of 45.2 km/hr or 27.8 mph.

Next time, keep it in the pants on the way out! In two weeks, I'll be back to try and better my time. Which shouldn't be that hard, next time I'll bring some aero wheels and stuff.

Garret is going to be at Grafton this weekend. Everyone should come and watch, it should be a great race.


fred j said...

did you get beat by a 55 year old again. i mean come on

Ryan Baumann said...

I am a lame duck, you're right.

But damn, those old guys can TT like hell! No excuses about not running aero wheels and the likes, it's all the better when you get good enough to beat the old guys without fancy dancy aero junk.

That's the goal. One day to be as fast as a 50+ masters rider.