I can offically quit racing my bike

My life goals are complete, where do I get my retirement bonus?

Nature Valley is nothing in comparison to this WCA Overall feat. Just look--my name is ahead of Steven Scholzen! Nevermind that the man Freshie Steve took 4th in the first stage of Tour of Ohio or that he's beaten me at 4/6 races in WCA this season.

Alrighty, time to get'er done this evening at the opening crit here at NVGP. Josh says he is going to give the sprinters jersey a go, I'll be there to support him when he needs help. Watch out for fellow U23 hammerheads Cole House, Matt Brandt, Kiel Reinjen, Alex Boyd, and others to be nailing it this week. I look forward to the challenge. First, I'll try to not get dropped.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, be proud, WCA overall points are a joke. Miss one more race that the next guy and there goes the whole season.

Ryan Baumann said...

kick ass at UWW this weekend. Omniums rock.

krazy_karl said...

quantity not quality... eh?
you've been racing well, Fortunately not going to NVGP or ohio has left me in the position to score easy points when i skip out of work for a 1pm friday afternoon timetrial and race two other races you're not doing... heehee, hoohoo, haha!