ABR National Champions!

Josh Carter put it in the Carter zone today--aka really really fast sprinting, and of course winning. Jeff and I were off for 1 hour of the race with a couple of dudes, but we really didn't want to lap the field since neither of us can sprint to save our lives against a guy like Andy Crater. It would have meant loosing the race if we lapped, so Jeff and I stopped pulling in the break, and it eventually came back together. Jeff went off the front again right after our break came to the field, which set things up nicely to lead out Josh for the field sprint. We caught Jeff on the last lap, motored it all the way to the line, and whatddy'a know, another ABD victory. I rolled in after the leadout for 6th place, with Alex, Dylan, and Bret rolling in right behind after keeping the field together in the last 10 laps.

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