ABD Cycling Tour of Virginia race report

Stage 3 ToV race report


TSK said...


I want more.

Good stuff. Tell Alex he's a stud too.

Did that kid starve himself all winter? He wasn't quite so tiny before...


Anonymous said...

Nice Job Ryan, glad to see you kickin ass!!! Love the video blog, keep it up!

Jason Newville

Ryan Baumann said...

Acutally Alex has put on some weight for this race...(yeah, I believe it too).

Seth said...

Fantastic job, Baumann! Keep it up. Have you seen Rytlewski at all this week? He seems to be going well, too. And if you see Raby again, tell him Hi from the Mankato guys—Terry, Brian, and Seth.

Ryan Baumann said...

Yeah, Breezer is a hell of a climber and doing very well at Virginia here.

Raby has been talking with the ABD guys every day, I'll let him know the Mankato crew sends their regards.