More canceled races?

Somehow I'm having an early season this year littered with canceled races, for better or for worse. Sunday's road race in St. Leon today was canceled--THE MORNING OF THE RACE. Yep. As in, we were leaving the hotel to drive to the race, when we checked directions and saw the cancel notice.

The race promoter never got the permit for the race, and consequently, they had no insurance. But please--we should have known about this well before the day of the race! It would have been nice to save some hotel money and sleep in a bed for a night. But I digress--Matt, Jason, and I did get a pretty solid ride in today on the hills around Oxford, OH. So all was not lost.

I thought I was a declared "coffee junkie" up until this weekend--but I'm not even close! Landreti easily tops me in that regard. Wake up, coffee. Mid day, espresso. Evening, coffee and espresso. And he always demands the good stuff--let's see, we made maybe 5 stops this weekend to the same coffee joint in Harrison, OH? Yep, that plus once on the drive down and back!

A short road race and circuit race in Michigan next weekend. Should be a grand old time. Hope to see...y'all (i was in the south this weekend, don't blame me!)...at the races.

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