Smooth sailing

The Christmas/etc. holiday has passed (you don't actually consider New Years a holiday, do you?) and life has been swell.

There has been a need for riding the bike lately--I just can't explain why. Last year around this time I was just starting up, kind of getting into the groove of base training again. This season, Fred and I started out with a hard 3 weeks in November, and now I'm here at the end of December with well over 20 hour riding weeks, every week. I guess I owe it to the hardcore guys in Madison, pushing me to train in every weather condition, and my lack of a job right now. I wake up in the morning, eat, then ride, rest, then do core training...no second thoughts.

This week is bringing an onslaught of BIG gear work, mashing away at 55 RPM for 30 minutes each ride at around 300 watts. With the lack of weight lifting this year, Nick is having me do more big gear work to get power at lower cadences. As a plus, low cadence work really helps smooth out the pedal stroke.

Ride to Kewaunee tomorrow, anyone to join me?


Sarah Lukas said...

hey, I'm totally down for a ride!!

I can't say I'd be measuring squirrels when I'd ride yet. And you shouldn't be either! Take some down time. :-)

You excited for ABD? Give a call sometime.

Anonymous said...

What time, I'll roll.


Ryan Baumann said...

Dave, call me this morning.


11am ride time?