Approaching dysfunciton

One more day of exams, then the holidays and some big ride hours start right up.

Speaking of riding...I wish I could get some more base built up here before heading off for packerland. I can never get in as many hours or stay as focused as I would like while training in Green Bay. I've gotten some decent time in the past 3 weeks, but some days (today for example) are not quite my thing.

Rainy and 38 degrees....I'm no Lance, I don't ride in that shit. Unfortunately my "highly motivated" roller rides usually turn into 1 hour recovery spins. I'll try to get out tomorrow instead!

Christmas weekend and beyond looks good for logging some hours in between spending some time with the family. Of course, the Polar Bear Ride will be a must-see happening, along with the usual base mile slogging.

Anyone up for some riding while in town, give me a call...

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