We are all put to shame

Why can't the French, WADA, UCI, and USADA get their act together? Today it was reveled that someone hacked into the French laboratory that tested Floyd's testosterone/epitestosterone level.

Several e-mails, disguised as coming form the LNDD, were sent to sports institutions UCI, IOC, WADA amongst other recipients, questioning the responsibility of the laboratory with regards to the Floyd Landis doping case during the Tour de France. Attached to these e-mails were excerpts of internal documents concerning rectifications that had been made during previous testing process, but taken out of context. However, the messages were written in poor French with apparently typical English-speaking errors, and lacked the signature of its director, Jacques de Ceaurritz. Moreover, the official logo of the laboratory had been badly re-created, including an error in the spelling of 'Ch√Ętenay-Malabry'. -from www.cyclingnews.com

So what exactly is up here? Oh yeah, why don't we blame the hacking on one of Landis' friends, that would be great muckraking!

I'm completely fed up with the state of the Pro Tour right now. Either some major changes need to happen, or I'm just going to watch the races for what they are--an athletic event, not a political scandal. Does the trial even matter anymore after all this has happened in the media since July?

In the meantime, I'll just go ride for a few hours to let out some steam. TT bike time.

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