Shee-Boy-Gean time

WORS Shebogan is always an epice weekend. Out of all the WORS race courses, Shebogan is by far the best. The best spectators, the best technical obstacles, the most open course, the best race course--hands down.

Its good to be back on the bike at this time of year instead of in the injured section.

In other news, I will be riding a Slingshot DDX Cross bike for the remainder of the collegiate and WCA season. With a real cross bike, there are no longer any excuses! Check out Slingshot's website for details about the bike. I'm really excited to get on it and rip up some wet grass!....er, something like that.

Ahhhh...Can you say the Iceman Reviveuth? Team manager Shawn Hauser managed to get me an entry to defend my Iceman title in Novemember. Something to look forward too--it's my only goal for the end of the season here.

Check out this workhorse:

Coming to a cross race near you.

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