I reckon the bacon will be done soon

I chose the rain pants for the Apple Cider ride--phenominal choice.

Saturday morning the sky looked ominous, threatening to cast down pellets of rain, hail, or snow at any time. But by some stroke of luck we started the ride dry at 8:30am. I must say I was ready for a 110 mile deathmarch ride, but alas, in order to save the souls of the weak we only did about 70km to a more local apple orchard. I must say the Apple Cider was divine, however. The rain and muck outside on the road--not so much.

Speaking of rain and muck, I should get a fair deal of that today at the CamRock Cross race. I'm a meager cross'er in the presence of the Tristan, Swanson, and the fabled Cole House--but I'm learning to hold my ground.

First race in the mud=first faceplant in the mud! Do you think I will get a picture of my face in the mud as good as Kyle Jacobsen's in the sand? I'll have to get back to you on that one...

In the meantime, enjoy:

It is kind of being like those dreams where you are at the last day of school and suddenly you are realizing that you have not been being studied for your final in the Maths, and you are all like, "Oh, the Jan is totally fuschieked now!" And then the principal is being calling you to his office, and it is not being the principal, but instead it is being the bearer of the One True Ball! And he is being very angry, and he is being pulling down your lederhosen and spanking you, and your Grandmama is there and she is being crying in shame, and then you are waking up and you are being covered in sweat and you are doing the heavy breathing thing from the movies, and then your girlfriend is being like, "Hey, the Jan, first of all, thanks for the totally great sexes you are always being giving me, you are being the best with the sex," and then you are all like, "Ja, the Jan is being good at the sexes. It is known." And then she is being like, "Hey, what's the matter?" And you are all like, "I was being crying, and the Lance was spanking the Jan's tushy in front of the Nana, and, and..." And then she is being like, "Hey, shhh... There, there now. You were just having a bad dream. Come on now, there, there..." And then she is hugging you, and you are feeling better. But then, the camera is slowly zooming in, and, geschissen! She is not being the girlfriend. She is the Lance! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

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