Random bits of pleasure

I’ve been very lazy in my blogging lately, but I promise today’s entry will be worth the long wait.

Fred and I finished up racing in St. Louis at the Gateway Cup on Sunday and Monday. Sunday’s race was another hard crit with some more hills each lap. Not to mention that there was a long, straight, downhill finish. Ohhhhh boy. Put 150 amauetr Cat 1/2’s into a race on that course and give the crowd some action!

Somehow Fred and I avoided the crashes throughout the race—but my legs didn’t have any snap left in them. I was pretty toast by the time 5 laps to go came around, but I still managed to snag a money spot on the line for 18th place. Unfortunately, Fresh and Holecko crashed out today with some road rash and bike carnage, but luckily nothing serious.

Monday was another race of attrition. More tight corners, downhill finishes, and hills in an 85 min crit. 20 minutes into the race I was hurting and wanting to join everyone on the sidelines. 40 minutes into the race, I did! It was a good choice in the long run, very few ended up finishing and I wouldn’t have been in the top 20.

Classes started already—am I supposed to say, “I’m so excited to learn again” or something? Classes are classes, homework is homework—but riding is fun. Today I finally got my schedule re-arranged so that base rides starting in November will be easier to tackle. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I can ride from 1pm until dark, and on Tuesday and Thursday I can get in 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.

The Badgers are winning today—hopefully this is the sign of a good season to come?

Tomorrow is the last WCA event here in Madison at Research Park. If I can say it loudly please—THE LAST CRIT OF THE YEAR! The legs are feeling strong and I’m looking forward to putting a little breakaway action on the field. We shall see….

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