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Unwinding from an action packed race / fun / hell weekend is hard to do. But it was worth it.

Y'all may like this one:

After finishing Chequmeagon, I rolled over to the cabin the team rented and took a shower. Afterwards, I dressed and loaded up my pockets with all my stuff--keys, phone, wallet. I go back down to the race area and watch the rest of the team finish.

2 hours later, we're chilling at the cabin, everyone's done, we're getting ready to go eat and I'm getting ready to drive back home. Johnny, this little kid staying with us, runs in the door and says he found this phone out near the bike wash. It's all wet and not working well. Believe it or not, it was mine! I don't know if that turned out to be good luck or bad luck that Johnny found it.

So I drive home 4 hours. I'm dead tired after waking up early for Chequmeagon that morning. At 11pm I roll into the apartment and realize....I don't have my keys! Oh yeah, I don't have my phone! And guess what--my roomate is out of town, and no one is home at the apartment. Shit.

So I drive over to Fred's place and Nick's place. No one is home. Finally, I go back to my apartment and knock on some more doors and get an answer. I borrow a phone and call the emergency number to get my door unlocked. 45 minutes later, I unpack all my stuff (It's past midnight now) and check my email....and find out I'm supposed to be volunteering for the State TT's at 6am! Another short night of sleep.

And yes, I still somehow managed to get out of bed and race and volunteer at the TT. I even dragged Fred along with me, much to his dismay, as he continually told me the rest of the day.

The TT was hard, about 41 Km long, and never had a flat section. Ouch. My legs hurt. But the field was small, and my only competition I knew was Nick and one other guy from Minnesota. Desptie the pain and bad legs, I managed a 1:03:50 time for 2nd in state, 3rd overall. But in perspective, there were only 7 guys in the P/1/2 category....once again, I'll take it.

Road Races are done for the season. Now its onto cross!

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