State Crits--More fun than a couch on your roof

Today was the WI State Criterium champs. The course looked fast and relatively clean, with the pavement being smooth and wide for 90% of the lap. Time for 80 min of good, clean, criter'um racing fun, eh?

So the race was pretty easy, and my legs felt good. Not good enough to bridge the gap to the leading break of 8-riders, including the one-and-only Freshman Steve--who, by the way, is on fire this year. So Fred and I are stuck in the field for a sprint. I did try going for some preems, but the only one I got was a measley bag of coffee beans and a t-shirt. But, in retrospect, it was good to go for the preems so that I knew what line to take in the final sprint.

The last lap was chaotic as usual. The most unfortunate thing happened though in the 3rd corner--Jordan Roessing, Casey McCuley, and Fresh all went down while leading each other out for the sprint. I would have had my money on Fresh to win the race, but yeah, that's racing...

Luckily I avoided the crashes and kept a wheel for the final 3 corners. I was about 8th wheel in the sprint, but somehow I had a decent kick left for the final straight and I moved up to take 9th overall: so I guess I was the best of the field? I don't know how that works out, but it was reassuring. Hell, Fred and I even shared a plethora of cash for the result--$25!

It's been raining all day here in Mad Town, so I think I'll opt-out of the WORS race at Devil's Head tommorow. Mud + MTB = me getting hurt. My jaw is just fine as it is, thank you!

This just in--Aparantly Kip is going to Belguim with the Cycling Center next spring. I wish him the best of luck, but damn, he should have no excuses--he's got all winter to train in the "harsh" climate of the Texas sun.

Also, Nick Reistad aparantly just whooped-ass at a UCI race in France today, moving up to TOP 3 on GC going into the final stage! Next year, even more....?


Anonymous said...

I think Degolier was the man to beat of ISCorps guys that lapped the Field. It is really unfortunate that all those guys went down. I think every IS Corps rider in the 1/2 removed some extra skin on Sat.

Hauser said...

You putz, rain in Madison, sun at Devil's Head. Get off the couch on your roof and strap it on, seriously missed a fairly decent day on the hills. Are you coming back for the 12 or is the collegiate season kicking in?

Talk to you later, we need to start planning the 40 trip.


Ryan Baumann said...

Yeah IS Corps had a good race -- BOTH Degolier and Fresh lapped the field. And both went down on the last lap. Ouch.

H-man, I'll be at Chequamy, no worries. See you there!