Back to racing

After taking some time off the bike...

...It's time to return to the racing scene and start turning on the afterburners!

I've had a good 2 weeks of recovery after Superweek, and now I'm excited to get back into the game again. Taking a non-cycling vacation was a perfect recovery--except for the blisters I have on my feet and the shooting pains in my back from carrying a loaded backpack--so hopefully it's time to get some good racing on here.

This weekend brings some more WCA crits on Saturday with the PCW Square Crit, while Sunday brings a bit bigger regional race at the Elgin Cycling Classic near Chicago.

I don't know what to believe with Floyd Landis anymore. I can only hope. But I don't have much hope left.

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roland said...

Cool picture! That looks like Lake of the Clouds?