Scandals, and more

Basso and Ullrich are OUT of the Tour. Woah. What a mess. Now it's time for Floyd Landis to take charge and time trial his way to victory. My prediction:

1) Landis
2) Vinokourov
3) Hincappie.

Things are going to get interesting.

Speaking of time trials, today is the Tour of Ohio time trial. I've got the position dialed and ready to hammer--now the legs just have to show what they're made of.

Team "riding dirty" had a dream stage yesterday, with both Fred and Kip making the winning break. The field was content to sit in, until the last 15 miles where A&F chased hard and brought the gap down to 2 minutes. I rolled in for 20th in the field, with Kip in 5th and Fred in 10th in the break! Fred moved up to 7th on GC, Kip in 17th, me in 19th.

The time trail here is key. It' s hard and 15 miles long--plenty of time to loose up to 3 mintes to a strong time trialist. I only have clip-ons, but the legs feel strong today. Shooting for a top 10 placing on the stage: we'll see what goes down.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Ryan, the time trial is your strongest event!