Cold Front

State Road Champs this weekend in Burlington, WI should be interesting. I heard that it is usually very hot and humid at this race -- but not this weekend.

High of 55 degrees, chance of T-storms all day long.

For some reason, I'm strangely excited about it hailing again like it did in March during the Marian cricuit race. That was so I'm-Freezing-my-balls-off / I'm-gonna-crash / I-think-I-just-wet-myself cool.

I was reading an interview with Chris Whery on CyclingNews thinking "Wow, we raced with the US PRO Champ at Memorial Day weekend." Then, I saw this beautiful quote:

"One of the tenets for the team is to spread themselves around the country to cover as many races as possible, especially in smaller markets. Wherry and company showed up to the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa for the annual Memorial Day weekend races - much to the delight and dismay of many regional racers. "It's really cool. Toyota wants to focus on some of the heartland races where they want to show their commitment to the sport. That's where they want to advertise. And they are good races so we are happy to go there. So we are going to have a team at Tour of Ohio and a team at Superweek."

I hurt all over just hearing Weary talk about Ohio.....just wait until he puts the hammer down on a long climb!

Ohio will be a lesson in pain. But, as the man himself said--

"Nothing hurts worse than XXX on the balls. Nothing!"

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