That's bike racing

Rollercoaster action this past week.....

Monday chill after nationals, finally go back "home" to good ol' Green Bay.

Tuesday work, then rage up the Bellin group ride.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday work and feel crappy--comming down with a cold.

Saturday drive down with Cole House to Baraboo for the road race. Drill it on the first climb, get Fred off the front in a breakaway, sit up and let it go. 5 guys bridge up and it becomes a 10 man break. Shit. 1:10 odds are not good enough to really work for. But the break was already away, so I just stayed with the pack and rode tempo on the climbs. We only finished with 5 riders in the field, including my teamate John and Casey McCuley. I sprint for the 200m sign (which was maked with two red cones and a white line, by the way) and win that one by a long shot--then Casey passes me for the finish, so I get second in the pack. Whoops. Oh well, it was only for 9th place anyway. Fresh aparantly drilled it in the breakaway and Fred was hurting, along with Kip Spaude, Fresh's teamate! Fred was cooked for the end and got 7th or 8th.

Sunday I was feeling really bad--the sore throat was gone, replaced by stuffy sinuses and a cough. Pefrect for racing two crits in a big money race! In Cat 3's I got off the front twice with Fred, Fresh, Casey, and Kip....but it never stuck. After 25 min off the front I was cooked and kind of sat up until the pack returned. The lungs were not feeling good today....time to sit in. The race was easy, I moved up for the finish on the last lap. I was 4th wheel going into the final corner, and---the 3rd guy crashes. Wonderful. I manage to swerve around him, but I have to hit the brakes and I'm out of game for the win. 6th place.

45 min later I hit up the Pro/1/2/3 race just for kicks. I was feeling like complete, utter crap all race long. I convinced myself to stick it out, however, and just chilled in the middle of the field. I knew I had no motivation to sprint at the end of the race, so I didn't risk moving up a lot in the corners on the last few laps. I snnagged 26th in a field of 99.....whatever. I felt sick and didn't expect anything. At least I finished the race, which helps my motivation for next weekend.

Congrats to Fresh for taking the win in the Cat 3 WOW race. And for winning the crusier bike preem....can you say new commuter! Corey gabbed the Cat 4 win for Brazen too, great job!

I can't wait untill Memorial Day weekend...this Thursday is my B-Day....hopefully I can shake this cold over the next week. Time to rock and roll!


mtb05grl said...

You mountain bike right? If you have room, you and whoever is coming along down to the Snake, should bring your mountain bikes. Check out my site for more details. There's a group of us hitting up some local single track if you're interested.

Sarah Lukas said...

happy birthday ryan! And hope nats was a blast