Quad Cities

Today was a better day, despite the preparationg mishaps.

The race was short and sweet, with a $2400 pot for the winners. At the start line there was a hearing impared rider that lined up next to me, who needed special instructions from the race director before the race.

He won the race. Held off the field before the sprint. Amazing rider.

As for me, I threw some solo attacks in a solo'ed off the front for a while, took a $$$ preem, and came back to the field since no one was letting me go. I took the last corner about 5th wheel, unfortunately, about 2 wheels too far behind the leader. I was boxed in the sprint and only managed 6th place--but my form was great and I feel like I can race my bike again.

Oh--and the prize money at this crit is amazing, I paid for my whole weekend with this race. Great organization all around.

Fresh got in an unfortunate crash at the middle of the field and may have injured his shoulder. Let's hope for the best, he'd had an amazing weekend up till today!

This week brings some hard training, followed by some MTB action at WORS Nine Mile on Sunday. Booya!

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