Movin on out

Today--Last day in the dorms. I can't express HOW AMAZING that feeling is.

Thursday's Thrashing, in it's first weekly incarnation, only thrashed me, Fred, and Erik. But it was Epic and you had to be there to witness the utter anhiliation of our bike legs.

Afterwards, Rich, Dave. Fred. and I worked on TTT on the TT bikes. Rich had an ingenious new way to corner around turnarounds made up...I can't wait to put that into practice. We're feeling good in the TTT event, so I really hope we pull off a good result at Nationals. It's game time now and things are going well.

Saturday--Baraboo Road Race. A hard man's race. I like it.

Sunday--Wheel and Sprocket Crit. Just what I need--more crit practice.

I better see you there or at Iola. Or else.

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