Out of Phase

Remember that time when you were back at home? Remember going to class each day, churning out the homework, hanging out in the dorms... I certainly don't remember those times. Hell, I haven't even been in the dorms for over 11 days. On top of that, I haven't been in the dorms for more than 4 days each week. It's been hotel-dorm-hotel-dorm-hotel-NOC-dorm the past 4 weeks, and there's plenty more of that to come!
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Corey gets a haircut--and somehow takes his shirt off at the NOC main room.
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The mess that we called home for 11 days.  NOC main room at night.
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Guess who?  

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Real team players know how to help out—Fred and I chill while the team loads up the gear for the ride at Blue Ride parkway.

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Corey shows that the Aviators truly make the man.  And the Park cap covering his newly found bald spot doesn’t hurt either.

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Chinsy southern Mexican food that everyone can enjoy!  Fresh Steve devours the menu at the left after putting the hurt on at Blue Ridge on all the climbs earlier that day.

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Yeah…7 hours in Blue Ridge would do that to you too!

On the agenda for the rest of the week…

  1. I finally sold my 2005 Allez so I can pay off the remaining balance on my “new” Fuji Professional I’ve been riding the past 5 months.  No money gained, none lost.  I can deal with that!

  2. Homework, homework, homework…when will this school thing end?  6 more weeks of class and counting.

  3. My sis and mum are coming to visit later this week.  Haven’t seen the family in a while, and it’s always smart to keep in touch.  It’d be pretty tough to pay my way through school without them, ya know?

  4. Pick up the Powertap at Saris while doing a recovery ride Wednesday.  Yes, it busted again.  But if they’ll fix the thing with all new parts each time, well…it’s worth the money still.  I climbed better in NC all week because of it.

  5. Recovery week = a helluva lot less ride time.  No 32 hours of ride time this week.  Try more like 10.  I’ll get in a few more recovery spins to clear out the legs for the race this weekend.

  6. Leave Friday for the next collegiate race…at MARIAN, IN.  Race A’s.  Kick some serious ass, even though both races are crits.  Get in the break with IU and Marian and don’t do any real work until the end of the race.  Simple as pie.

  7. Hotel living again for the weekend.  This will get to be a trend soon I’m afraid.

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