Indiana Dreamin'

I find out the inevitable today--I'll probably be racing alone this weekend. Fresh Steve is going home and racing the Kenosha Practice crits, James is too wrapped up in his new "girl", and Fred is sick with punemonia. That leaves me, and possibly Sparky, to handle two killer crits this weekend in Indinapolis.


A 1 Km "circuit race" (1km! What the hell has a circuit race become?) for 90 min. This was SUPPOSED to be a 1 Km circuit race around an unbelieveable setting:

That's right--we were supposed to be circling the Indianapolis Speedway, home of the Indy 500. But now, we're racing here, in a Parkway. Such a let down!


Another crit, 90 min long, through the Marian University campus. Very technical. I heard it's one of the best run races in the entire collegiate season. Although it may be really cool, two days of crits is going to take its toll. I know a break with IU and Marian is going to stick in this crit, now it's just a matter of being on their wheels when the break rolls off the front. Really that's my best chance nail this race and get some nationals qualifying points.

You know what they say.....

When in Indianapolis, ..........................(race lots of crits).

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So, how'd you do? Francis