Boom Boom Boonen, 2004 Dream Team

Boonen...wins the 2nd stage of Paris Niece....no challengers....9 wins THIS SEASON!

Tom Boonen is more than just on fire--he's a blazing, out of control wildfire that seems to rip off the legs of all his competitors. Merckx says that Boonen is just another miracle of the sport, a man who will dominate all races, year round because he is such an unbelieveably gifted athlete (like Merckx himself, eh?).

I say--you better NOT be doping, Boonen! That would COMPLETELY mess all of cycling up! Keep raking in the wins if you've got em' in your legs, but don't pop the EPO and creatine after the race whatever you do. Boonen caught doping would be phenomonal...cycling would never be the same again. Let's keep it clean, eh, Boonen?

The UW Madison 2004 Road Cycling Dream Team

  1. Brian Smith
  2. Nick Reistad
  3. Garret Peltonen
  4. Bret Glembocki

If you haven't heard of the 2004 dream team, it's high time that you paid a visit to here and checked out the results of the 2004 collegitate road cycling national held here in Madison, WI. We dominated the best in the nation. And what goes around, comes around....

2008 dream team....?

  1. Frederick Jacobsen
  2. Matthew Waite
  3. Freshman Steve
  4. Ryan Baumann
  5. James McManus

There's a world of work ahead of us, but I look forward to every minute of it.

So far this week, and what's to come:

  1. Monday--Recovery
  2. Tuesday--5 hours of riding, lots of Tempo and 30 min of LT work
  3. Tuesday night--Final UW cycling meeting for NC spring break preparation
  4. Wednesday--Finish all classwork, hand in all assignments ahead of time.
  5. Wednesday afternoon--2 hours on the trainer, 2x20 LT testing
  6. Wednesday night--Stay up LATE to pack gear, do laundry, and get bikes preped for NC
  7. Thursday morning--Take 15 min calc quiz at 10:20am.
  8. Noon Thursday--Fresh Steve's car packed, on the road to Bryson City, NC by noon!

Probably I won't have any updates during our trip to NC. Hang tight till then--here in the blustry cold of the Wisconsin winter that is...ha!


Anonymous said...


The greatest cyclist of all time deserves to have his name spelled correctly by a fellow cyclist.


Cole House said...

2008 ? why then? why not now ?! but boonen does remind me of myself ...

Waite For It said...

Sounds Like a pretty nice team...lets kick some ass!!!

Ryan Baumann said...

Cole House thinks that we can be 1st at Nationals on a Fresh and Sophmore team...whoo-boy, we'll be strong, but there is some serious pro talent at Nationals.
By 07-08' we'll have the 100% firepower to do the job I hope.

How'd the Parkside crits go?