It's time to get serious

So UW Madison goes 1-2 in the Men's B race.

So what? It's the Men's B race, and Men's B points don't qualify UW Madison for collegiate nationals in April. We need A category points, and we need them as soon as possible.

So the decision is simple--upgrade to A's and race my heart out, hoping to work with Fresh Steve, Tyrone, Sparky, and Fred on scoring some serious points for the team. It would be so cool to go to nationals, and we all know that that is the ultimate goal of our season.

So if my proposal goes through with the Collegiate racing director, I should be racing A's for OSU next weekend. Oh boy...check out this course!

3 laps, 61 miles, with a hilltop finish, will complete the A's road race on Saturday. Time to start those climbing drills and get the legs ready for low cadence, high power efforts!

On that same note: It's time to get serious about all aspects of my training. I've been slacking in the diet department for the past 3 weeks--and I'll pay for it this coming weekend--so that needs to get back on target. Egg whites, oatmeal, salad, and wheat-n-turkey sammy's are all on the hot list of foods to eat over the next several weeks of training. The less weight in the belly up those hills, the faster I go--it's as simple as that.

Training is getting more and more race specific each week. This week's schedule looks something like this....

Today: Recovery. 1 hour spin outside at high cadence, low power. I took the PT SL wheel over to Saris for service. It's clonked out on me after 2 months of riding through salt and snow every day...

Tuesday: 4 hours of riding, with 3x20 min LT intervals followed by some Big Gear hill climbs.

Wednesday: Group ride, work on peleton skills. Sprint intervals, high cadence and technique focus.

Thursday: 4-5 hours of hill endurance efforts. 3x15 min hill climb intervals on Blue Mounds Rd. in Blue Mounds State Park.

Friday: Recovery spin, hopefully ride back to Saris headquaters and pick up my fixed PT.

Sat + Sun: Race at OSU! 8-9 hours in the car, 4 hours of racing. Whoo-hoo!


Waite For It said...

You do know that all points earned in every category help the team get to nationals right? Last year it was mostly the B team and C team that got us to Nationals.

brian said...

I believe that Ryan is correct. The A, B and C categories help in the team standings, while the A category ranking is what is used to determine which teams go to Nationals.

At least that's the way they did it in the NCCCC.

Ryan Baumann said...


Yeah, MWCC changed it for this year. Now only A category points will qualify us for nationals.

As I said...it's time to get serious!

Waite For It said...

ahhh craziness