Train hard. Rest even harder.

So today is a day off. In preparation for ramping up the tempo-pace riding this week, I need to make sure my body and mind are up for the big change in pace compared to the last 6-8 weeks of not much other than LSD rides. So here's to pushing out the watts in the coming weeks--

Jan Ullrich's new do is classic. Classic mop head, that is.

Tell me that isn't how a Tour favorite dresses himself. Bright pink clothes, helmet strap dangling free, and curly golden locks bushed up all over the head. Slick. Ullrich gets 5/10 style points. His look says, "I don't care", but his attitude this year is much more "I'm desperate". Sorry Ullrich, but your style has got to match your character. Mediocre at best.

I am now the proud renter of an apartment near Camp Randal in Madison, WI starting August 15, 2006. Yes, I said it--proud. Check out the floor plan:

Pretty big, eh? Not bad for the price, with most of the expensive utilities covered.

So now that I have a day off to recover, guess what I spend my time doing....getting ready to ride the rest of the week, what else? Today I

  1. Visited USPS to mail my eBay items (to finance my racing this spring!)
  2. Shop at Walgreens for oatmeal, oven popped popcorn, and toe/hand warmers. Sweet.
  3. Plan the weeks' riding schedule. This week I introduce more tempo riding and harder endurance efforts during the week, while keeping the long rides up on the weekend. Here's the plan:
  • Tuesday--M1 Tempo ride, stay in tempo zone for 60 min of ride. 3 hrs ride time.
  • Wednesday--Muscle Tension intervals, 3x15min, 100-120 in-lbs torque average
  • Thursday--E2 endurance ride 3 hrs, Form Sprints 6x10sec each
  • Friday--Active recovery, 1-1.5 hr spin on the trainer
  • Saturday--4 hour E2 ride, 60 min in M1 tempo zone, seated on all climbs
  • Sunday--5 hour E2 base pace ride. Keep power in low endurance zone, easy on hills.

I'll be back in GB for the formerly-named Team 2 mtb banquet (now Team Stadium Bike)...and I even heard the Super Clyde Mr. Shawn Hauser is dishing out some ca$h rewards from the sponsors. Great--now I'll have enough money to buy the team jersey. Right on!

Cole "so-pro" House should be joining me for the base jumping/riding this weekend. Will he wear the yellow toe booties, or the blue ones? Blue is out. 2/10 points. Yellow is in 9/10 points. Can he possibly choose right....?


Cliff said...


I am a lurker at your blog. Just want to say nice place.

Anonymous said...

Ryan your apartment looks great, but I don't know if I'd put my adress on the internet? Guess who

Ryan Baumann said...

Cribb, you're always the worryier...but good point.

My identity is now secure.


gregcribb said...

sorry Ryan, it was not me, but it does look like a nice place.
I think Dennis made the comment.

Us said...

Nope, was not me.

Ryan Baumann said...

I know the annonymus comment doner...and she was NOT who i had guessed. I'm so good.

But if it were you Dennis, I'd be more freaked out than relieved. Whew!