Starr Pass and the Rincon's

What a day to wrap things up in Tucson. Once again, I awoke at 7:30 am to fresh, sunny, crisp mountain air, and not a cloud was in the sky. Perfect for my memory of my week in Tucson. I honestly could have never hoped for better weather and riding conditions.

Unfortunately Cribb and I had only conqueored 2 mountain ranges yet so far this week: The Catolinas and the Santa Rita's. That left 3 more to go, but 3 is much to many for only one day of riding. So we picked the best two--the Tucson's and the Rincon's.

In the morning we rode a section of trail in the "little" Tucson mountains called Starr Pass. Wow--what a rocky section of trail! The rocks were sized perfectly that you had to roll over them and not around them, and they were EVERYWHERE. Uphill, downhill, on the flats....it was a rocky paradise. We even got to experience some Sedona style slickrock sections of extended descending and climbing. Very cool.

One climb today bested me--it's called Goat Hill, and it's a rocky, dusty, rutted-out climb in the foothills on Starr Pass trail. Greg climbed the damn thing first try. And then again, with my demo Gary Fischer 29'er. Needless to say I was frustrated. Try as I may, I didn't make it.

Cribb's new nickname: The Climbing Grandaddy Master

Don't let him know about it, he may get angry!

In the afternoon we hiked through the Rincon mountains to get the legs recovered. My mind was elsewhere (like sleeping in bed), so we didn't hike too long. But the views were, as usual, amazing and full of Sonoran desert scenery. Next time we need to devote an entire day to hiking the Rincon's, as they are a beautiful mountain range worthy of backpacking time.

Tommorow is Sedona, the GRAND FINALIE! We have a top-secret guide to take us to all of the hot spots you'll never know about, so keep it on the down low--you know what I'm sayin'?

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