Live from Tucson, AZ

You better believe it, I'm actually here--beautiful, sunny Tucson Arizona. Don't worry though, in only a short 5 months we'll have similar weather up there in Wisconsin. In the meantime, it's okay to be jealous. Just don't tell me about it, cause I'm living it up right now!

Cribb picked me up from the Phoenix airport around 7:30 pm Saturday night after a LONG day of plane traveling. I have no real jet lag to complain about, but I have to admit that traveling completely SUCKS. Here's a brief synopsis of what happened:
  1. At 10:30 am in Austin Strablue airport, Green Bay, the computer system crashed while I was getting my boarding tickets. 30 minute delay.
  2. At 12:10 I arrived in Chicago's O'Hare airport. I was bored since the next flight didn't leave until 3:00 pm.
  3. I wandered around airport terminal B reading magazines, drinking coffee, and realizing how many weird people there are in the world.
  4. I return to wait for my flight from Chicago to Phoenix. The plane is late.
  5. At 3:20 pm we board the plane
  6. By 4:05 pm, we finally leave the ground on our way to Phoenix (1 hr, 10 min late)
  7. Arrive in Phoenix at 7:00 pm local time.
  8. Bags were delayed. Mine was the last to come out on the carosuel.
  9. 7:45 pm I finally meet up with Cribb and we head back to Tucson.

I'm here now. Traveling has worn me down, but not destroyed my will to ride!

Today we rode the lower section of 50 year trail in the Catalina mountain range. Absoluelty sweet sections of baby head rocks, sand, tech up and downhills, and the "chutes" were to be found everywhere. Watch out on the side of the trail for lots of cacti and prickly-pear bushes, or you'll be pierced by two inch long needles of sheer pain and agony. Luckily, both Greg and I escaped unschated for the morning.

This afternoon we're taking a hike to Mt. Kimble for some more amazing views of the Catolinas. Check back soon for more warm, sunny goodness (which you so desperately want...I know....)


Anonymous said...

How does that hardtail treat your body after riding a full suspension last year? -Steve (aka Dad)

Ryan Baumann said...

Not bad, man, not bad! You'd be amazed what 29'' of fat-tire goodness can do to take the sting off of the trail!

Apparantly tommorow will be the REALLY tough stuff. Some fun pictures are sure to come.

Today was only a 2/5 difficulty rating. Much more to come...

By the way, I can recieve email, but not send it. So don't expect too many email responses.