Finger Mtn. Trail

After an mid-afternoon snack of some PB & J, Cribb and I decided to take a hike through Finger Mtn. trail in order to recover for tommorow's big day on the mountain bike through Upper 50 year trail and Fantasy Island trail.

What a beautiful area! The hiking was very technical, complete with lots of rocks, cacti, and sheer drops off the side of the trail. The views from the canyon as we slowly hiked up the side of the Catolina foothills were breathtaking...no red rock to see, but the desert scenery was awesome. Come down to Tucson if you ever get the chance...I would compare it to the views in Yellowstone, Colorado, and Utah without a doubt.

I need some rest after riding and hiking for 4 hours today. Tommorw will be another longish day with about 4 hours of riding....and the day after that too riding the road bike up Mt. Lemon. But you'll hear plenty about that tommorow!


Sarah Lukas said...

I am so jealous Ryan. That is all I have to say to you at this point...Jealous....

Ryan Baumann said...

I could have guessed it Sarah. I could have only guessed it!