Everything and Nothing to do...

There are good days and bad days.

Today is somewhere in the middle--its kind of sandwiched between two slightly moldy pieces of bread, some stale cheese and a slice of deli turkey that appears more yellow than tan.

I have some homework to do, but its not getting done. I tried, honestly, but it just wasn't coming along. I decided not to go to the gym since it was cold outside, and its too far of a walk. Thats a pretty poor excuse, I know, but there's another: I am supposed to be taking a break from training for the next 3 weeks. So I justified skipping a day in my own mind.

I would probably have a whole lot better attitude, however, if I pumped some lead. Maybe I'll make a late night session over to the Nat (its the gym on the lakeshore).

I'm going for a longish road ride with Brent tommorw at 1:30. Thursdays are always weird because I get out of class so early, I have to have something to do or I'll go crazy! So why not occupy myself by riding my bike a bit?

Ahhhh....wish I was going home to good old Green Bay this weeked for some R&R. Madison is stressful and I just don't know what to do with myself if I'm not riding or going to class. Only 14 days left until Thanksgiving! I'll be counting the days...

You think that Ullrich can win the Tour next year? He just won the Tour de Sussie, and hes vowed to "stay on a diet" this winter, so hes got a chance, right? Now that Lance is out of the picture!

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