A blinding white tunnel

This is what the mountain bay trail looks like when its covered in 1 inch of snow. Now ride down this tunnel for 20 miles, turn around, and head back. Don't worry, there aren't any turns, so feel free to fall asleep at any time.

Today's ride was PERFECT training, but a little skimpy in the scenery department. Don't get me wrong, the trail's perfectly flat gravel railroad bed is enticing at first glance, but after 35 miles of it, lets say that you're about ready to head on back for some coffee and turkey leftovers. Although I did get to use a new mix on my sweet I-pod Shuffle...

It's the music that keeps us moving some days. Today was no exception. My favorites today:

  • Weezer--Beverly Hills
  • Counting Crows--Hangin' Around
  • Green Day--Jesus of Suburbia
  • Green Day--Minority
  • The Ataris--The Boys of Summer
  • AC/DC--You Shook Me All Night Long
  • Aerosmith--Ain't That a Bitch

Since I didn't see anyone else on the trail from Green Bay to almost Shawano, I was free to sing all of these songs out loud--complete with guitar solo noises--from start to finish. Good thing no one rode with me. I probably sound worse than that annoying guy at the YMCA who always walks on a treadmill next to you and sings outloud to lovesick country songs.

Wait, that doesn't that happen to you too?

Tommorow looks intersting weather wise. I'll play it by ear. If its a bit warmer outside and the snow holds off, we can do some more fun base miles. I just read an article stating that base miles are the most helpfull for imporving sustained endurance power output...so if you want to drop all your buds at Devils Head next year, join me!

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